[EXPLAINED] What Are the 6 Archery Shooting Commands in Order?

After watching The Avengers, are you willing to be like Hawkeye, the supreme archer? If yes, first, you will need to understand the theme of Archery, know the commands, and then go to the training ground to turn yourself like Hawkeye. After joining an archery training ground, the first you need to understand is, the shooting commands.

Basically, there are 6 verbal archery shooting commands. For example, assuming the shooting position, aiming, releasing the string, etc. In this article, we have described the 6 verbal commands. To know in depth about the commands, be with us till the end of this article.

So, let’s begin then.

What Are the 6 Archery Shooting Commands in Order

6 Archery Shooting Commands that You Need to Understand Before Start

For every type of game, there are specific commands that the players need to follow. The same thing goes for Archery. When you enter the archery training ground, the Range Officer will provide you with the commands that you will need to follow. They will provide you both verbal and whistle commands until you become used to with them. Here are the six archery shooting commands – 

Command 1: Archers to the Shooting Line or Shooters to the Line

This is the first command that you will hear from your range officer. This command defines that you will need to take a bow and move your position on the shooting line or behind the shooting line. Straddle on the line and don’t take an arrow. You may also hear the whistle sound twice from your range officer, if you do, then there is nothing to confuse about as this command says the same.

Command 2: Take/Nock/Draw the Arrow

After taking position on the shooting line, the next command you will get to take or nock the arrow. Whenever you will hear this command, take out an arrow from the quiver and place it on the nocking point on the bowstring. It should be perpendicular to the bowstring.

Command 3: Draw-Raise-Anchor the Bow

Next, you will hear this Draw and Raise the Bow, then you will need to raise the bow and it should be parallel to the ground. Now, you will need to pull the bowstring straight back. While doing this, the lead arm is needed to be straight and the back elbow is up. 

Command 4: Aim

When you will hear this command from your Range officer, then you will need to keep your eye on the target. Make your eyes steady and keep this thing on your mind, shoot where you look!

Command 5: Release or Range Open, Fire at Will

Whenever you will hear Release from your range officer, then release the string and wait until the arrow hit the target. Till then keep the bow arm up and straight.

Command 6: Walk Forward and Get Your Arrows

After completing the shooting, the range officer will provide you with this command. For this, you will need to put down the bow and go straight to your target to collect your arrows.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What does 5 whistles mean in archery?

Whenever you hear 4 or more 4 whistles, you must stop at that moment and stand behind the shooting line. It’s a command for emergency purpose

What does 3 whistles mean in archery?

Three whistles in archery mean, after finishing the shooting, you can now go and collect your arrows from the target.

What does 1 whistle mean in archery?

One whistle means, you can now start the shooting.


Lastly, as a beginner, the first thing you will need to understand is the range commands. If you fail at this then you may have a hard time at the archery shooting range. Follow this entire article and learn about the commands and it will help you to boost your energy and morality at the mighty shooting range.

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