Arrow Outsert VS Insert | Which One to Choose?

If you are new to archery then first you will have a clear description of the archery equipment. When you will learn about the shaft, you will come to know about the Outsert and Insert. Basically, both of them work like a bridge between an arrow shaft and an arrow point. In other words, they help to connect an arrow point to an arrow shaft. 

Though both of them are the same thing and perform well from their perspective. You will find differences. If you are willing to find out the actual differences between insert and outsert, then you will need to go through this article as we have shared the differences between them.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Arrow Outsert VS Insert

Aren’t Arrow Outsert and Insert the Same?

Generally, yes, outsert and insert are the same thing and serve the same purpose. The main difference between them is the design. Basically, they are used to connect an arrow point to an arrow shaft. The insert is designed to use inside a shaft whereas the outsert is used outside the shaft. Both of them share a common goal which is to provide accuracy, consistency, and a stronger connection between the arrow point and the arrow shaft. So, if you had any doubt about whether insert and outsert are the same or not, we hope that by now, it’s clear to you that both of them are the same thing.

Difference Between Arrow Outsert and Arrow Insert

Let’s find out the differences between arrow outsert and arrow insert. By this, you can choose which one you need the most for your archery. We have shared the differences in the table below. 

ParametersArrow OutsertArrow Insert
Arrow point compatibilityLessHigh
StabilityMay wobble in flightStable in flight
Type of Arrow shaftUses in Ultra slim arrow shaftUses in the standard arrow shaft
DurabilityOffer more durabilityDurable

Now, let’s find out the difference between arrow outsert and insert in details.

1. Installation Process and Compatibility

The installation process of the arrow insert is quite simple compared to the arrow outsert. When you are using an arrow insert, the arrow point is then connected inside the shaft whereas, for the outsert, the arrow point is attached to the outsert. Basically, an arrow insert is compatible with a standard arrow shaft whose dimension is 0.204” ID or larger whereas an arrow outsert is used in an ultra-slim arrow shaft that has a dimension of 0.166” ID.

Moreover, both insert and outsert are compatible with different types of arrow points but if you want heavier, customized, or larger diameters arrow points then in this scenario, the arrow outsert will be of help.

2. Stability on Air

Both arrow insert and arrow outsert offer stability in flying time. But you may have stability issues while using an arrow outsert. You will need to be careful while installing an arrow outsert because if it is not installed correctly then it won’t provide stability and will wobble when you release the arrow. On the other hand, an arrow insert provides more stability because it ensures that during the short, the arrow point won’t come off.

3. Durability of Arrow

When it comes to durability, the arrow outsert offers more. Basically, it prevents the carbon from mushrooming out and due to this reason, it provides more durability. And archers have named it an insurance policy. When you are using carbon arrows, then the arrow outsert will provide more durability than the arrow outsert. The arrow inserts are made from strong materials which provide the arrow durability. 

When You Should Choose Arrow Insert over Arrow Outsert?

The arrow insert is designed to provide a stronger connection between the shaft and the arrow point. For this, it provides more accuracy and consistency. The arrow inserter is lighter than the arrow outsert and also, it’s more aerodynamic compared to the arrow outsert. That’s why if you are willing to be a competitive archer then you should go for the arrow insert.

When You Should Choose Arrow Outsert over Arrow Insert?

If you are using your archery skill in bowhunting then choosing the arrow outsert will be the best decision. Because it allows you to use heavier arrow points that will help you to increase the accuracy as well as it will more penetrate due to adding weight in the front of the arrow. The arrow outsert makes the arrow stronger which will help you while hunting. Using arrow outsert will let you achieve more FOC (front-of-center) balance which is an important thing for hunting as it helps to get better penetration.  

Bonus Tip: Use Arrow Insert and Outsert Together

If you are willing to have a better output from your arrow then we will suggest that you should use both arrow insert and arrow outsert together. It will be beneficial for you. Let’s check out some advantages of using them both.

  • Using both of them together will increase FOC (Front-of-Center) which will help you to get more penetration as well as it will improve accuracy.
  • Using them together will provide you robust build structure.
  • It will help to reinforce the shaft and as a result, the sleeves will get more protection. Also, it will protect the shaft from cracking.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How much arrow length does an Outsert add?

After adding an outsert on your shaft, the archer length increases by 0.5 to 1 inch.

What is an insert collar for arrow?

The insert collar is made of metal and is basically used to provide strength and durability. 


Lastly, both arrow insert and arrow outsert can give you better performance. Choose them wisely and enhance your arrow’s performance. Also, if you are confused then we will suggest using them together and enjoying their supremacy in your archery.

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