[ANSWERED] Can You Dodge an Arrow?

After watching the dodging arrows scene in movies, you may wonder whether it’s possible to dodge an arrow in real life or not. Well, the answer to your question is yes, you can dodge an arrow. But it will depend on how far you are from the archer and what type of bow is the archer using. But if you have mastery in Yadome then you can dodge an arrow in every situation.

To find out more about dodging an arrow, go through this entire article and learn about it. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Can You Dodge an Arrow

So, When You Can Dodge an Arrow?

Mostly it will depend on the distance between you and the archer and which type of bow is used. One important note, if you are not able to notice that something is coming toward then it will be hard to dodge that thing. If you are at such a distance where the arrow can be pointless then you can dodge it successfully. 

For example, if the archer has released an arrow using an older bow, then after 20 to 25 meters, it can be pointless and at that time you will be able to dodge it. What if the arrow is released from a compound or a modern-day bow, then it will require more than 30 to 40 meters to become pointless. 

And When You Cannot Dodge an Arrow?

The dodging ability depends on the reaction type of human. A human can react within 0.2 seconds but on average 1.5 seconds is needed. When an arrow is released from a bow, it takes a second to reach 50+ meters. So, if you are aware of it then you can dodge it otherwise you won’t be able to dodge the arrow. Also, if you don’t have enough feasibility, for example, the distance between you and the archer is less than 25 meters then you won’t be able to react and the arrow will reach you. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Is it humanly possible to catch an arrow?

Yes. Practice makes a man perfect. You just will need to train yourself. For catching an arrow, the most important thing that needs to achieve is faster reaction time. 

Whats faster a bullet or an arrow?

Actually, the speed difference is negligible. Both can achieve the same speed.

Can I survive an arrow through the neck?

Sadly, no. You can’t survive if an arrow goes through your neck. Because an arrow can easily penetrate through the neck and can damage the major blood vessel. And for that reason, it becomes too hard to survive.


Lastly, if you are at a safe distance from the archer, then it will be quite easy to dodge an arrow. Although it will depend on which type of bow is used. And if you want to turn into a dodging expert then you should learn Yadome, Japanese martial art that will help you to dodge and eliminate the arrows that are coming toward you. 

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