How Long Does a Trijicon ACOG Last? What to Expect

As a firearm aficionado, I’m often asked about the lifespan of Trijicon ACOG scopes. From my experience as an avid shooter and gearhead, I can say a Trijicon ACOG scope typically lasts for decades, with tritium lamps warrantied for 10-15 years. Even without tritium, the fiber optic system provides illumination in daylight or low-light conditions.

Below, I have provided a detailed part-by-part analysis of the Trijicon ACOG’s durability.

How Long Does a Trijicon ACOG Last?

Durable Construction

The foundation of an ACOG’s longevity is its durable forged aluminum housing. Trijicon carefully engineers these scopes to withstand years of hard use and environmental exposure. Key features include:

  • Shockproof body designed to resist recoil, drops, and impacts
  • Sealed construction makes the scope waterproof up to 66 feet
  • Hard anodized finish protects against scratches, corrosion, and wear
  • Nitrogen purging prevents internal fogging in temperature extremes

Thanks to this rugged design, ACOG scopes work reliably in pouring rain, sandstorms, hot and cold climates, and after taking hard knocks during combat. With proper maintenance, the scope body can serve for decades.

Long-Lasting Optics

An ACOG’s glass prism optics are also built to last. The prism itself does not degrade over time like other scope reticle systems. The optics maintain alignment even after thousands of firing rounds from harsh recoil. The exterior lenses use scratch-resistant coatings to maintain clarity and light transmission over years of use.

Tritium Illumination

ACOGs feature self-illuminating tritium in the reticle to provide a precise aiming point in low/no light shooting. The tritium light source has a functional lifespan of about 10-15 years before dimming and needing replacement. Replacing the tritium keeps the reticle brightly illuminated for the next decade or more.

Unlimited Fiber Optic Illumination

Daytime illumination is provided by a fiber optic gathering ambient light. This passive system has an essentially unlimited lifespan. As long as the exterior lens is clean, the fiber optic will keep gathering light and brightening the reticle for fast daylight aiming.

Minimal Maintenance

With just basic care, an ACOG can serve for 15+ years or longer. Store it in a dry place when not in use. Occasionally clean the exterior lenses with lens wipes. Keep the body free of dents and dings that could affect internal alignment. Avoid excessive shocks and drops. With just minor upkeep, your ACOG will last through years of duty and training.

Final Words

Trijicon ACOGs are renowned for their “bombproof” durability under hard use. The forged housing, sealed construction, and optics designed for longevity allow this scope to serve for decades when properly maintained. While the tritium illumination may need replenishing after 10-15 years, you can expect your Trijicon ACOG to stay in service for a lifetime.


What typically causes an ACOG to fail?

Severe damage such as dents/dings to the body, cracked optics due to harsh impacts, or water intrusion can lead to failure. Barring major damage, routine wear and tear will not stop proper ACOG function.

Does the fiber optic system wear out?

No, the fiber optic gathering ambient light has an unlimited lifespan. As long as the lenses are clean, it will keep working.

Can I repair a damaged ACOG?

Trijicon can repair many issues like damaged optics or tritium/electronics replacement. But if the housing is bent or the scope is badly damaged internally, a full replacement may be required.

How do I care for my ACOG?

Keep it dry and clean. Wipe lenses gently with a lens cloth. Store in a protective case during transport. Avoid dents/dings and harsh impacts that could damage the alignment. Keep the body tightly mounted.

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