Is an ACOG Good for Hunting? Ultimate Explanation

ACOGs are considered one of the best optical sightlines available and numerous shooters around the world are pretty fond of them. You can find various ACOGs and most of them come with a high-end objective lens and a reticle that’s highly compatible with both low light and full bright conditions. The mounts for ACOG sights are lightweight and very effective.

But there’s a common question that arises in a number of shooters’ minds, especially newcomers, which is if ACOG sights are good for hunting or not. And you’ll be glad to know that an ACOG sight is sufficiently good and effective for hunting purposes.

Is an ACOG Good for Hunting

Is an ACOG Sight Actually Good for Hunting?

Yes, it is. ACOG is preferred by many hunters and enthusiasts worldwide.  It has a robust build along with tritium and fiber-optic based reticle. Also, it’s certified fog proof, shockproof, waterproof, etc. That means you don’t have to worry about weather impact for this amazing sight. There are some ACOGs that offer bullet drop reticles.

To make things convenient, we’re sharing the specifications of the ACOG 4×32 w/ 4.0 MOA RMR sight and describing its compatibility for hunting on behalf of other ACOG sights, so that you can understand how effective they can be while hunting. Have a look –

Specification Table for ACOG Sight

Objective lens size 32
Length 6.2 inches
Weight15 ounces
Magnification / Zoom4x
Illumination materialTritium, fiber optics
Bullet Drop CompensatorYes
Reticle shapeCrosshair
Reticle at night Green
Reticle at dayGreen
Field of view
Field of view at 100 yards 36.8 feet
Adjustment at 100 yards2 clicks/inches
Eye relief1.5
Exit pupil 8
Housing Aluminum
Price$1050-$2050 (depends)

Advantages of ACOG Sight

As you can see, it’s pretty compatible with hunting. It’s light, robust, and reliable all in one. Also, it comes with an additional red dot sight mounted on its top. That means when you’re using the main sight to zoom at a long distance, but suddenly the prey comes in a closer distance, you can conveniently switch to the red dot and make it a lot easier. But here’s a catch! The ACOG is comparatively slow in the close-quarter battle (CQB) distance.

The fiber-optic and tritium-illuminated reticle helps the sight to give better performance in any light conditions. So, you don’t have to worry about light anymore and you can go hunting anytime. Also, the in-built bullet drop compensator allows you to lower or raise the crosshair to adjust the distance between the prey and you, letting you have quick shots precisely and reliably. 

Disadvantages of ACOG Sight

Although this optical sight offers you so many benefits, it also comes with some noticeable drawbacks too. One of them regards the field of view.  Its field of view is only 7°.  Even though it’s designed as a target engagement sight, it should offer a better field of view to justify its higher price. Speaking of price, it’s another mention worthy drawback of this sight. Undoubtedly, this ACOG sight gives you a number of effective features and it’s worth a better price. But frankly speaking, not this much. It makes a lot of hunters unable to buy it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ACOG a sniper scope?

Yes, it can be said. ACOG scopes offer magnification from 1.5x to 6x, and 6x zoom is considerably a good magnification. Therefore, when you’re up to using a sniper rifle in a medium or short range, an ACOG scope can effectively help you in this case. 

How far is an ACOG accurate?

Being a short and mid-range supported optical sight, ACOG can possibly offer you to see things more than 400 yards. And its field of view supports over 36 feet at 100 yards when the magnification is precise. 

Which is better ACOG or red dot?

It completely depends on the type of shooting you’re going to do and needless to say, your personal preference. Both are uniquely better. But comparatively, ACOG is better when it comes to medium to long-range shooting, and Red Dot is better for competitive and closer-quarter battles. 


By now, it should be clear to you that overall ACOG sight is good for your hunting, especially in a short or mid-range. It’s easy to mount, long-lasting, durable, and obviously reliable. If you consider yourself a mid-range hunter, don’t hesitate to a few minor specs and can afford the price, it’ll be better to buy an ACOG according to your preference for your hunting.

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