[EXPLAINED] Is 4x Too Much for Hunting?

You can find various optical sights in the armory market, from the Red Dot to 8x, and so on. Even though there are so many sights out there, the hunters are primarily concerned about the 4x. While many people are thinking about whether 4x is too much for hunting, some others are thinking about whether it’s enough for long-range shooting. 

Don’t worry! Even though our primary concern is determining if the 4x scope is too much for hunting, we’ll also share our knowledge about whether it’s sufficient for hunting at a long distance. Therefore, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Is 4x Too Much for Hunting

Is 4x Scope More Than Enough for Hunting?

Truth to tell, you can’t tell the exact magnification range of any scope unless you use it practically at least once. Basically, it’ll be somewhat closer to the magnification range shown in the specification; which means it won’t be precisely that magnification range, will be a bit more or less. Similarly, according to the manufacturer, a 4x scope can offer more or less magnification range than it should. 

The most common 4x scope is the 4×32 scope. That means with the objective lens of 32mm, it can magnify your prey in a way that you’ll see it 4 times bigger than the human eyes see. It’s pretty much preferable to most hunt enthusiasts as it lets a hunter view his prey at the closest range of 35 yards and at the highest range of 400 yards.

Now to answer the question, whether 4x scope is more than enough for hunting highly depends on at which range you prefer to hunt. If you prefer hunting at less than 35 yards, 4x will surely seem too much to you. On the contrary, if you prefer hunting within the range of 35 to 400 yards, 4x will seem perfect to you. Because 4x is better in terms of covering both medium and long-range. 

As you can see, 4x is commonly available worldwide, comes at a handy price, supports mid to long-range, mounts perfectly with relevant rifles, can be fixed easily, and is durable and reliable for hunting purposes. That’s why it gets praised by most wildlife hunters.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

What is 4x magnification good for?

The 4x magnification is good for shooting within a range of 100 meters. That means it’s good for mid-range shooting, airsoft games, protecting your property, etc. You can find a variety of 4x scopes in the market. But the actual 4x magnification will provide such facilities.

Is 4x good for 100 yards?

Yes, it is. Rather 4x is pretty much excellent with a distance of 100 yards. 4x is capable of covering a range of up to 400 yards. Therefore, it’s quite assumable that it can provide better eyesight, better aiming, and better shooting at 100 yards.

What scope is better 3×9 or 4×12?

Obviously, the 4×12 is better compared to the 3×9 scope. 3×9 supports a magnification of 3x and has an objective lens of 9mm. On the other hand, 4×12 offers a 4x magnification and 12mm objective lens. As we know, the more diameter an objective lens has, the better amount of light it can deliver through the lens (ensure better visibility). Even higher magnification ensures better range cover. So, overall the 4×12 is better.


In the end, it can be said that 4x is generally not too much for hunting rather it’s highly preferred and applicable when it comes to most hunters. But if you’re a short-range shooter, likely 4x will be too much for you. You can try iron sight, red dot, or holographic in this case. Feel free to share if you find this post useful.

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